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About Us

About the Brand CHKRBRD, LLC (pronounced Checkerboard) is a luxury lifestyle brand established in 2020. Made in Maryland, USA, but styled for the globe, CHKRBRD was birthed by VernJ and Chkrbrd Fresh. Two friends who have grown to have a mutual respect for each other's contrasting styles. This marriage of styles brought forth a simplistic yet bold aesthetic that's applied to every piece we design which is also reflective in our personalities. Where in most instances the designs will be subtle but strong, but there will often be times where our designs will be more blatant.

What is CHKRBRD? Co-Founders VernJ and Chkrbrd Fresh both grew up in Maryland, USA (VernJ is from Annapolis and Chkrbrd Fresh from Baltimore). As our brand becomes global we wanted our brandmark to represent where we come from and what we're about: 1) The yellow and gold is paying homage to Baltimore City and the State of Maryland which is apparent in their flags. 2) the Chkrbrd pattern, adopted from the checkered flag when racing, is symbolic to the mantra we live by of not just aiming to finish, but aim to finish first! Thus, the name CHKRBRD beautifully emcompasses where and what we represent.

VernJ (born Vernon Wallace) was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany and later raised in Annapolis, MD. Growing up the youngest of four, living in low-income housing and being raised by a single mother presented some economic hardships.  Quite often, his mom couldn't afford to buy him and his sisters the lastest fashions so she would save money by purchasing clothes at consignment shops and thrift stores. 

Vernon found it amazing how his mom had the whole family "stylin'" as if they were shopping in department stores. This gave Vernon deep sense of pride about his appearance. Going shopping with his mom and learning how to "put your pieces together " helped shape his sense of style.  His affinity for style became apparent to his sisters who as young teenagers would often ask their little brother to help style their outfits before going to hang out with their friends.

 Later, Vernon developed a reputation among his friends and professional colleagues for always being well dressed for any occasion.  Vernon soon wanted more. A desire to create something highly fashionable that he could call his own was his driving force.  Seeking to develop a lifestyle brand the covers styles from streetwear to urban prep was the aim.  After meeting Chkrbrd Fresh in Miami on business, we soon became fast friends. We later learned that we share the same desires and goals about fashion and wanted to develop a brand. In 2020, CHKRBRD, LLC was born!




Jordans, fitteds and a fresh fit were how he got the name CHKRBRD Fresh! Growing up it was all about being one of the dudes with the freshest feet and fit to go with. Splitting time between Baltimore, DC and NY, Fresh was exposed to regional and international fashion influences. That lived-experience bolstered his eye for fashion and style but it did not wholely encompass what he envisioned.  To Fresh, each outfit started from a basic shirt or pair of pants and what gets created using them is what sets brands apart.

Fresh's aesthetic is subtle boldness. The subtlety is seen in his understanding that expression does not have to be loud and boisterous as people notice the small details just as much, if not more. Pops of color and sleek design is what is meant by Fresh when boldness is represented. Being able to dress the same piece up for a night on the town or throw it on to run errands makes our pieces perfect for any occasion. 

With over 10 years in the clothing retail, styling and design world, Fresh sought to make stylistic options simpler for the fashion foward wearer. The fashion is CHKRBRD, the style is YOURS!